Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II In Amber Brown

Brown is a warm color that always gives me a feeling of comfort, simplicity and stability. But different individual reactions to the color brown can vary widely. Personally I loved anything from beige to brown. I have it in my house, my rooms, perhaps even bathrooms, as it gives me a sense of warmth, relax and a homely feel.

My favorite shoes color is always brown. It looks great on my feet and my legs somehow appear longer. The color is so neutral, elegant, and it matches almost every outfit I wear. Brown also makes me feel much more confident and mature. While a brown toned handbag is always classy, timeless, wearable and tailored for every occasion.

 Love this brown shoes so much!

I like the color brown because it makes me think about chocolate! Warm browns are simply delicious and it’s always stimulates my appetite. These are the color of coffee, truffles, chocolate chips, caramel and many more. It makes me feel happier and satisfying.

Yes! Chocolate is BROWN!!!

Lately, Samsung has finally unveiled its Amber Brown Galaxy Note II models. These new color will join the four existing color options - Marble White, Titanium Grey, Martian Pink and Ruby Wine. The device looks exactly like any other Note II except the color difference, obviously.

Psychologically, brown is associated with strength and solidarity, comfort and earthiness, maturity and reliability. In the corporate world today, many of us would favor brown due to its strength, security and practicality. I love the Note II in Amber Brown simply because the color is easy to match with any outfit and its give me a sense of professionalism.

Samsung Galaxy Note II In Amber Brown (SRP : RM 1,999)

So, are you a fan of the Amber Brown Galaxy Note II? This exceptionally color will only be available for a limited time, spread the word and better act fast! To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note II, check it out here.

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