Thursday, April 15, 2010

FREE Coffee at Starbucks Today !!!

Got my FREE Coffee at Starbucks 1-Utama (Old Wing) today!!!

Starbucks is offering its customers a free cup of coffee from 10am-12pm as long as you bring in your own mug but it doesn’t have to be a Starbucks mug. The point of filling your own mug is the awareness Starbucks creates for Earth Day by saving their paper cups. No one’s quite sure how many cups will be spared today but at least the awareness is out there.

I hope you enjoy your free Starbucks coffee too!!!


whaha.. 1 utama seldom go lol.. going there from here.. just far.. my leg also goyang if drive so far. manual!!

Where u staying? I seldom go 1 Utama too... Just drop by Starbucks coz attending the ASIENCE roadshow :D

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