Friday, August 24, 2012

Review : SAMPAR Paris Ultra Hydrating Fluid

Did you ever wonder why French women are seems to have enviably glowy skin. Maybe it’s all because of their relaxing lifestyle; or maybe, it’s the vast selection of premium skincare products that are made in France. Whatever is it, the good news is that SAMPAR Paris has finally launched its 1st counter in Malaysia at Parkson Sunway Pyramid.

Well, I just began sampling SAMPAR, a Paris-based skincare line that’s combines nano-technology, aromatherapy and highly concentrated high-tech active ingredients, which has an effective shield to protect the skin from environmental pollution while restoring balance and fighting the signs of cutaneous and extrinsic aging. 

The products are enriched in the brand’s exclusive complex, Urban Advance, its innovative formulas act at the heart of cells to “wake-up” and reactivate the skin’s vital functions. The hand-made blend of three high-tech natural active ingredients includes:-
  • Shea Butter Extract to boost skin’s resistance and protect it against pollution
  • Mint Leaf Extract to relax and soothe it
  • Plant Sugar and Lactate Extract to create beneficial germs that help eliminate bad ones and reinforce skin’s natural defense system

I have started using the Ultra Hydrating Fluid about 2 weeks ago and I noticed a significant improvement so far. I apply it religiously every morning and night, and my skin feels much smoother and softer now.

 SAMPAR Ultra Hydrating Fluid (50ml) = RM 276.00
Intense hydration is your first defense against early wrinkles, and Ultra Moisturizing Fluid quenches thirsty skin, strengthening restructuring mechanisms and protecting it all day long.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My 1st Beauty Box From Malaysia : Fabulous Finds July Limited Edition

Surprises! I love surprises! Don't You?

Last month, the courier man brought me a package and it was something I had been looking forward to receive. YES! It's my 1st Beauty Box from Malaysia! I'm really surprised by how lovingly it was packed.

Most of you may already know what “Beauty Box” is all about, and today I'm going to show off my Fabulous Finds July Limited Edition debut box. By just paying RM35 per month, I get to try about 4 to 5 deluxe beauty samples ranging from high end and niche brands, which I think it is pretty cheap. 
Fabulous Finds is Malaysia’s 1st beauty box subscription service. Every month, we deliver 5 or more deluxe beauty samples from high end and niche brands to our subscribers throughout Malaysia. These beauty miniatures are lovingly packed in a luxurious box and couriered to addresses all over Malaysia.

A huge cheerful coral pink box was securely packaged and was delivered to me by Nationwide Express. I begin unwrapping the box with anticipation. But, when I opened the lid, I found there was another sturdy box inside! The “surprises’ were wrapped in a silver tissue paper and tied with a matching coral pink ribbon. I have totally no idea what is inside the monthly box until I receive it.

Fabulous Finds are truly passionate for the community. They are passionate about women's causes and believe in helping other women who are in less fortunate circumstances. Each Fabulous Finds box is lovingly packed by women from disadvantaged backgrounds (single mothers, widows, etc) and the income we provide from the packing goes towards supplementing their income to meet financial needs.

I was more than happy because the products definitely exceeded RM150 :)


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