Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review : CRES Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy

Early in the month of September, I had an amazing opportunity to discover about the newly launched best seller, Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy at CRES USJ Taipan.

CRES - a holistic beauty and health sanctuary which offers personalized treatments that helps women understand, manage and pamper their entire selves, in order to achieve a total well being exuded by
“Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication.”

Being the flagship boutique of Cellnique – the first and largest Paramedical Skincare brand in Asia, CRES is backed by decade worth of experience and industry know how, as well as deep insight into the lifestyle and needs of the contemporary women. It offers wide range of state of art personalized therapy that contours the women of the new age towards ultimate beauty of mind, body and spirit.

When I am young, I am not worry too much about things like wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin. But once I see those first fine lines, typically at the corners of my eyes, I start to panic. If you are panicking like me, calm down. There are solutions from CRES.

As soon as I stepped into CRES, I feel totally relaxed and pampered. My Beauty Consultant, Jesvin, was hugely knowledgeable and completely approachable. She introduced me to the latest treatment and I am so amazed by the benefits that I will be getting with the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy. Wow!!!
  • Instant pore refining
  • Instant whitening and spot lightening
  • Ultra smooth and radiant complexion
  • Fine lines and wrinkle removing, look instantly younger
  • Ultra hydrating, calming and refreshing
  • Reduced eye bags, eye puffiness
  • Instant face lift, no more puffy face, face look thinner and sharper

Basically, the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy is a highly effective reversal and therapeutic treatment that utilizes the mighty energy of natural crystal and nano-technology. It can unblock and activate the lymph nodes, increase the flow of nutrients to the cells, and thus stimulate better and faster cell repair and renewal, leaving skin instantly revitalized and ultra smooth like baby’s skin.

While waiting for my therapist, I filled-up my details and picked up some magazines on the table to read. It went on very well and I started with my treatment within a few minutes.

My facial started off with the welcoming massage to ease my tensions, followed by a double cleanse and exfoliation. A cold steamer was used on me to nurtures my dehydrated skin and helps to tighten and shrink my pores. The extraction was painless and it lasted me for less than 15 minutes.

Next, Chakra Massage with Crystal. The therapist uses the top grading natural quartz crystal with different level of mineral contents based on my skin condition, to massage my face and neck; this stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic flow of detoxification.

There were 3 essences used for the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy:
  • Anti Aging EssenceContaining Liposomal Fibroblast Growth Factor and Epidermis Growth Factor, helps to revive skin cell, restores damage tissue and stimulates new cell growth, making skin look young and glowing.
  • Hydrating Essence - Containing Flexin that can activate white blood cells for a faster damaged tissue repair thus tightening and reducing wrinkle effectively.  It is also rich in Hyaluronic Acid leaving skin ultra nourished and moisturized.  The existence of Inhipase reduces inflammation and sensitivity of the skin, leaving skin soothed and calmed.
  • Whitening Essence - Containing Arbutin from Bearberry Extract. It inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin, leaving skin very well toned and lightened, with a layer of egg like smoothness being felt.

This treatment uses the most advanced nanotechnology and it’s like ironing my face. It enables treatment essence to penetrate deeply below my skin epidermis. The intensive triple mask was then applied.

  • Enzymatic Masque - A specially customized natural fruit enzyme complex works to remove dead skin cells accumulated on the skin surface, allowing effective absorbance of skin care nutrients deeper into the epidermis and dermis layers. It can also reduce skin discoloration problem and bring a fairer looking skin tone.
  • Matrix Masque - It is an enriched collagen fortified masque that hydrates, tones and refines. Stimulates collagen production for a firmer and more youthful facial contour and skin elasticity.
  • Soft Masque - Containing Ginseng Extract that revitalizes the skin while lubricating it to improve elasticity and tone. In addition to re-hydration, cells are oxygenated, calmed, soothed and softened.

Finally, after the mask is removed, a protective cream was applied. A shoulder massage ends the two-hours (120 minutes) pamper process. I was amazed by the exceptional results. My skin felt unbelievably tightened, whitened and hydrated.

Well…  the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy costs RM408 per treatment. Although it is quite pricey, but I think it should be the price we pay for beauty! It is absolutely amazing treatment and worth every penny!

Dang.. dang.. dang.. DANG!!! The good news is... You can enjoy the 1st Trial Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy at a very attractive price of only RM199! This is deefinately a golden opportunity NOT to be MISSED and don't forget to share your own experience with me too!

CRES Wellness Taipan
46, Jalan USJ 10/1B
Taipan Business Triangle
UEP Subang Jaya
47620 Selangor
Tel: 03 - 5636 5313

Click here to know more about CRES

Friday, September 23, 2011

SKINZ™ Infinite : Charmaine Sheh "Meet-the-fans" Session!‏

Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favorite star? Well, SKINZ™ Infinite is thrilled to bring you one of your favourite actresses to Malaysia - again! A living testimony of timeless beauty, award winning Hong Kong TVB actress and spokesperson for SKINZ™ Infinite - Charmaine Sheh Sze-Man will be gracing our shores for a special appearance this 1st & 2nd October 2011 to herald the beneficence of SKINZ™ Infinite.

She will not only make appearances in two locations in the Klang Valley but also in Penang for an up close and personal session with her fans in October.

Fans can stand a chance to get a hold of an exclusive autograph of Charmaine and have their photo taken with the starlet live on stage just by participating on a simple Facebook contest and win galore of fantastic prizes. For more information, log on to

Let's join us in welcoming Charmaine at the following venues:
SKINZ Concourse Event from 28th Sept – 2nd Oct
·         Charmaine appearance on 1st October 2011 (Saturday)
·         5.30pm – 7.30pm at Sungai Wang Concourse Level, KL

SKINZ Concourse Event from 27th Sept – 2nd Oct
·         Charmaine appearance on 2nd October 2011 (Sunday)
·         12.30pm – 2.30pm at Gurney Plaza Penang Concourse Level, (New Wing)
·         5.30pm –   7.30pm at JUSCO Metro Prima Center Court, Kepong, KL

SKINZ™ Infinite is the new revolutionary preventive anti ageing skincare range catered to women aged 26 and above. This breakthrough formula contains Bio-StemCell Activator – which targets your skin’s stem cells and stimulates its regeneration; and a patented Toco-Retin A that works synergistically to speed up cell regeneration and promote collagen synthesis to combat future skin damage. The result: Visibly brighter, smoother and younger looking skin in just 2 weeks*!

SKINZ™ Infinite is available at all major pharmacies and leading retail outlets nationwide. Please log on to or join us at for more information.

See you there!

Friday, September 9, 2011


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