Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Calendula Baby Naturals by Watsons From Australia Launched In Malaysia

Watsons Malaysia is proud to launch its Baby Naturals by Watsons range last week, made with certified organic Calendula from Australia, at the Asia's 1st Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, specifically designed to offers mums like me the peace of mind with the products.

My daughter was extremely excited to join me for the launch last week. It was the very first time she step into Sunway Lagoon during the daytime, and she enjoyed the wonderful views of the Sunway Lagoon park while seated on the tram. 

The delicious scent of the Calendula comes through so wonderfully, I can’t stop trying it!

My daughter has had eczema since she was a baby and she used to apply body lotion after every bath or shower. Since then, she have tried many lotions and become a huge fan of it. 

My daughter desperately wanting to try..

Calendula Baby Naturals by Watsons range are all natural with no chemicals so I know my daughter are using the best and the safest products. She love the way Calendula Lotion smells and it leave her skin feeling fresh and healthy.

Opening performance by a bunch of cute kids

Chui Ling, TV and  radio  personality and Watsons Celebrity Friends and Dr Meera Thalayasingam, general pediatrician of Subang Jaya Medical Centre were also present at the product launch to share their parental care for their little ones.

Chui Ling (Left) & Dr Meera Thalayasingam (Right)

For decades, Calendula flowers has been known for its healing properties. Today, we can draw upon its powerful yet gentle efficacy for our baby’s care. Besides for its good cause for moisturizing the skin, the full range of Calendula Baby Naturals by Watsons is also suitable for baby’s sensitive skin, as well as our own.


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