Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA With Harith Iskander On 29th October 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for some great laughs?

With so much disparity and tragedy that has befallen Malaysia this year, we need to bring Malaysians together to stand united and laugh together under one UMBRELLA with some true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour! In the aim to spread the “1Malaysia” spirit, godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia, Harith Iskander, will be putting up his best performance on 29th October at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

Harith Iskander…To Know Malaysia Is To.. “Laugh, Malaysia!”

Date: 29th October 2014, Wednesday
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Prices: RM258, RM158, RM118, RM78 and RM38 (Excludes RM3.00 processing fee)
RedTix Hotline: 03-8775 4666 or www.AirAsiaRedTix.com

The show aptly given the title “Harith Iskander…To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!”, promises to be the biggest night of stand-up comedy in Malaysia with appearances by one of the best talents from the new generation of stand-up comedians, Dr Jason Leong and a special guest appearance by Papa CJ, India's most influential comedians!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

‘CHICHI & CHACHA’ - 全亚洲首部儿童寓教于乐剧集

BIG FISH MEDIA 荣誉呈献带领新风潮的儿童寓教于乐剧集,CHICHI & CHACHA即将从1011起透过 ASTRO CERIA & ASTRO MAYA HD 频道启播。

电视台:Astro Ceria (频道 611) Astro Maya HD (频道 135)

CHICHI & CHACHA’ 是一部综合了趣味性、游戏、探险与学习等元素的益智剧集。它的目标群乃幼儿园至小学低年级(6-8)的观众。此套寓教育于娱乐的剧集动感十足,而且趣味无穷,它预料将在马来西亚的益智性娱乐节目市场掀起一波崭新风潮。这部电视剧从星期一至星期五每天重播3 (13 x 30分钟)

在 CHICHI & CHACHA节目里亮相的包括一批朝气蓬勃的电视节目主持人,他们善用歌曲、舞蹈、音乐以及三维动画等媒介来营造一个积极的环境,以期达到寓教于乐的效果。这将是马来西亚破天荒首部融合真人实景摄制以及3D动画以达到增效作用的节目。


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