Friday, August 16, 2013

I’ve Got A Big Parcel!

I've got an incredibly large items delivered to my home last week and if you did notice my Facebook updates, you will know what I'm talking about!

Heheheee.. My biggest parcel so far!

I ordered this ladder online and it was delivered much sooner than I expected. It takes only one day to deliver. Well, I have resisted buying a ladder like this for a long time, simple because I don’t want the hassle of having to drag the ladder back to my home. But now I can simply place an order online without leaving the convenience of my home and it’ll deliver to my doorstep for just a nominal fee of RM28 to RM49 depending on the sizes.

WhaaAA! I cant wait to tear through the bubble wrap! 

This ladder came wrapped in two layers of plastic sheeting, and the leg ends and top were bubble wrapped under the plastic. There’s no a scratches, no dents, and everything is very much to my satisfaction.

My new helper.. Aluminium 7-step double-sided Ladder

I've actually heard of this Winner Ladder brand, and my husband told me this is a very good ladder and he was right. This ladder is very lightweight and sturdy. Whether I need to change light bulbs or cleaning the ceiling fan, I felt very safe using it at various positions.

There are a few features I really like about this Aluminium 7-step double-sided Ladder:-

1.          TanglePruf™ Hinge
As far as I know, most of the locally made stepladders locate the ladder hinge on the outside of the ladder body, making it very prone to damage through entanglement with other objects. It is a very common failure on a lot of stepladders. A ladder with a damaged hinge is dangerous to use for obvious reasons. Winner Ladder redesigned them to locate it on the inside, making it almost impossible to be damaged accidentally. This feature is only found on a handful of imported ladders.

Improved Step Ladder with TanglePruf™ Design

Winner Ladder has a patent-pending designs which are unique among ladders in Malaysia

2.          Heavy-duty Steps
Another common failure is the deformation of the ladder steps, usually the longer ones at the bottom. Regular ladder steps are the in ‘n’ shaped configuration. Winner Ladder improved them to a box configuration which makes the steps highly resistant to deformation, it is much, much stronger than the regular steps. This step is also what they use on their heavy duty fiberglass stepladders which are widely use in industrial applications. 

The first two steps from the top are the regular step, and the rest are the closed-channel steps

3.          Tool Tray
I like the innovative tool holding features on the top ‘step’ of the double-sided ladders that can hold small parts or tools. It makes work so much convenient instead of climbing up and down to pick up fallen tools, nails, clips or screws! This feature is not found in almost all locally made ladders.

Super tough top cap serves as convenient tool tray while working on ladder

All of these unique value-added features are provided to us without any additional cost, the double-sided ladders are selling at regular market rate. Which is super great value for consumers.

A very stable ladder and the bottom rubber boot keeps from marring my good floor plus they don't slip either.

I hate being on any ladder, but when I’m up on it I feel safe and secure.

Here’s the good news for all my readers! You can now get a 10% off the WDS range of ladders by using the code 10PERCENT (Valid till Sept 30, 2013) during checkout. So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy now!

WohooO.. Height is not a problem for me anymore!

This photo is seriously cool! I never though of camwhore with the ceiling fan using my Galaxy S4 Dual Camera Mode! :P This photo was taken while I was standing comfortably on the ladder and I never felt so safe before this. I would highly recommend this ladder to anyone!


Hmm... the toolbox compartment ontop of the ladder is really cool feature. No more dropping screws and screw drivers when you're on t he top and nobody is around to help pick it up for you :)

Yah! I don't think others brand offer this features!

Yeah it's my fav ladder(not that there was any before) but now there's a fav ladder on my list!

Yah! Me too! This would be my number one choice for now!

Great post and discount is perfect as am hunting for a ladder now too ;)

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Great "Winner" Ladder! I love popping bubble wraps! Hello Ju Li :D

Hi! Betsy isn't?

Wah! U just like my son, he enjoy popping the bubble wraps too!

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