Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Lilac Box X Yves Rocher Workshop

I'm sure most of you have heard about the brand Yves Rocher, but do you know what makes the brand so different from others? Well, Yves Rocher is the Creator of Botanical Beauty and it is the only international beauty care company that has chosen to master every aspect of its operation as Harvester, Manufacturer and Distributor ever since it first began. This unique approach means Yves Rocher can reduce its environmental impact while giving us the best in beauty at the most affordable price. This is why I love this Brand.
Garden of Eden: The Yves Rocher Végétarium in La GacillyBrittanyFrance

A couple of weeks ago, The Lilac Box invited me to their Second Date with Yves Rocher at the Gardens Lifestyle Café, Sunway Pyramid on 15th June 2013. I’m glad and proud to be part of the team to discover the botanical beauty world.

(Left to Right) May Chin, Kygan, Ju Li (Me), Sy Wei, Rudi, Chan SW

Upon arrival I was given a little green box that consists of a passport and a pencil. Yahhh.. I feel completely odd and curious. But guess what?! It’s a game! Each and every one of us is required to discover Yves Rocher by completing the passport and earn ourself a lucky draw ticket.

YES! I'm ready for boarding!

Well, I headed straight to the ‘Your Skin Care booth to get my personalized skin consultation by the beauty experts using the Skin Analyzer machine. This machine can immediately calculate and evaluate my current skin condition, whether the state of my skin is in accordance with my chronological age. Although the queue is pretty long here but it's worth to wait though.

Booth 1 : Your Skin Care

Skin Analyzer EC : Yay! I'm pegged as three years younger than I am! :P

After a thorough skin evaluation and consultation, everything seems to be under control on my face except for the UV Sport. Since I have a family history of freckles, it's just a matter of routine maintenance. Thus, I always put on sunscreen whenever I was out in the sun.

Booth 2 : Les Plaisirs Nature

Honestly, I really enjoy ME time in my bathroom. Nothing beats having a hot shower to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day. Yves Rocher has actually developed an extensive range of beautifully smelling shower gels, body scrubs, body lotion and EDT that always gives me the perfect morning wake-up call, leaving my skin beautifully scented and senses delightfully refreshed.

Is time to pamper myself at home!

My Scent : Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature Silky Lotion Yellow Peach

My skin is pretty dry so I usually apply body lotion every night without fail after having my bath. I love the scent of the Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Silky Lotion (RRP - RM9 / 50ml), it smells like freshly picked peaches and leaves my skin feeling peachy-soft.  The texture is just right for my skin.

Booth 3 : My Fragrance is ME

My Fragrance : Moment de Bonheur

Before I hit the ‘My Fragrance is ME’ booth, I took a quiz in the passport to find out which fragrance is best suited for my personality. The quiz totally matched my preferences – I am Sensual! I love floral scent and Moment de Bonheur (RRP - RM168 / 50ml) is my ideal fragrance. It offers sophisticated floral freshness in strong and delicate way that leaves me feeling feminine, happy and self-confident. I think it's a great perfume that reflects my personality.

What Perfume Personality are you?

After all that, I headed down to Yves Rocher counter to try out the right foundation and color for my skin type. For me, I don't like heavy product on my face especially in this hot and humid weather all year. So I decided to try the Matte Fluid Foundation (RRP - RM65 / 30ml), and it gives me a natural, youthful-looking makeup. I like the ultra-light and fresh texture that applies easily. It evens my skin tone without washing me out and it controls my oil much better. 

Booth 4 : Perfect Match Foundation

My overall experience with Yves Rocher was fantastic. The beauty expert explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. They really make me want to spend more time and money with them. :P 

Hehe.. Here’s my little haul! 

Hydra Vegetal 7-Day Program (RRP - RM 29)

I've heard so many good things about this Hydra Vegetal series and I'm desperate to try itThe trial kit comes with a Cleaning Milk, Toner and a Facial Cream.

Yves Rocher Privilege Membership Program

For those who attended the workshop, there will be a FREE Yves Rocher Privilege  Membership Card with any purchase. Now, I can start to enjoy Member Sales up to 70% off. 

Booth 5 : Sweet Memory

I visited all 5 and had fun visiting every booth. There are also fun games and activities lined up on the day in addition to attractive lucky draw prizes. We ended up with some great shots! Thanks to TheLilax Box and Yves Rocher for a wonderfully organized workshop.  I really enjoyed it!

Rewards I earned for visiting the booth :)

Hehe.. Can you spot me in the picture? Galaxy S4 Dual Shot Camera Feature has become one of my favorite functions now. I can capture photos with the front-facing camera and the rear camera simultaneously and create a picture-in-picture effect. Not only that, I can choose from different color effects to create a series of image. Very impressive right?

So, have you tried anything from Yves Rocher? Do share your experience with me.

All of these pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 *


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