Saturday, June 1, 2013

Awesome Trip In Koh Lipe Island With My Lovely Son

Haloo everyone! I have just come back from an awesome holiday in Koh Lipe Island, Thailand with few of my friends. have also taken my 7-year old son along on this trip and he really enjoyed himself.  My son and I had been so looking forward to this holiday since Jan 2013.

But guess what happened, this is the first time I travelling without my camera! My ‘baby’ goes completely dead all of a sudden. I am so pissed off!  I almost feel handicapped without it!

Out of the blue my phone started to ring and when I looked at my Samsung Galaxy S4.. hmmmm.. I have YOU! As some of you might have known, I was very lucky to have selected as Samsung Mobile Evangelist recently. Of course I am going to share my experience with you guys and I am trying little by little to make myself familiarize with the S4.

My son is super duper excited!

Yahoo! Finally we are here!

After we checking into the resort, we walked over to Sunrise Beach where the sun worshipers and dive enthusiasts hang out. The beach is so clear and calm. My son just can't wait to play in the water!

Cool?! I'm trying to use the Drama Shot Features when my son is playing around but I failed. In drama mode the S4 can actually continuously captures nonstop images of playing video and set many images in one picture. Maybe I just haven't mastered it yet. No worry.. Practice makes perfect! Lol~

Haha.. Watching & snapping photos with my son while he is playing in the water!

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our four days holiday at Koh Lipe, Thailand. This was the most enjoyable and relaxing breaks that we can remember. I have taken uncountable happy moments using my S4, but sometimes it not easy to view all the photos at a time.

We enjoyed mother-son time at Koh Lipe, Thailand

The good news is, through the S4’s Story Album Feature, I can now organize my photos and create albums based on specific events or customize them the way I want.

Wow! The Galaxy S4 places all my photos collectively in a beautiful styles..

My Cover Page : Moody Son :)

My 'Moody Son' album was finally done and I am so excited to print it out into an actual photo album.  So I can view them all even when offline. What's more?! I can also share it with my family and friends on my Facebook or save in my Dropbox account. 

Sounds great right?! So, if you own a S4, let’s try it out today!


so niceeee! i wish i can buy too! too bad my contract with digi still got one year left! TT wait for S5 lo. TT

Yah! I love the function so much! Well, I think you can check with your telco whether you can convert it to a new plan with S4. Hope you soon can enjoy it!

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