Monday, October 31, 2011

Sakae Sushi Launches Malaysia's 1st iPad Ordering System

The mascot for Sakae Sushi

Today iPad is clearly leading the tablet market. Sakae Sushi Malaysia unveiled its latest innovation – launches the 1st of its kind to use the iPad interactive menu in efforts to further improve its customer service experience, as it is able to handle complex orders quickly, efficiently and accurately.

We are lucky enough to be invited to venture into a whole new level of Japanese dining experience right after the SHILLS Meet BeautyBloggers Event at Berjaya Times Square KL. This new system is currently also available at Sakae Sushi at the Curve and Sunway Pyramid, with more outlets to follow

New iPad Interactive Menu

The iPads are displayed on every table on a metal holder, allowing us to place an order by just touching the screen and choosing our desired food and beverages.

Introduction to iPad Ordering System

The iPads are designed to resemble an actual menu which we can browse through, zoom in and out or pinch to enlarge the item. We will be prompted to a screen display listing down our order, where we are able to make any changes, confirm and sent our orders directly to the kitchen. For added convenience, the device will further list out and separate order items that have arrived or are being prepared. This enables us to effortlessly keep track and manage our orders in one easy-to-navigate screen. In addition, we can tract down our favorite menu items with a ‘search’ function.

Immediately after having fun with the iPad ordering system, all the beauty bloggers get to enjoy the ever delightful tea time with some of the signature dishes at Sakae Sushi. I simply love it.

Sakae Candle

It is one of Sakae’s signature dishes which is made of avocado, Japanese cucumber, crab meat, shrimp roe, codfish roe and mayonnaise and shaped with a slice of salmon to look like a candle, as the name suggests. But too bad, the candle was not lighted.

Sakae Chawanmushi (RM 4.50)

It is one of Sakae Sushi’s top selling dishes comprises a mixture of crab, vegetables, mushroom and sharks fin. I am not really a big fan of Chawanmushi but it taste so yummylicious!

Chicken Teriyaki Don (RM 7.90)

The chicken pieces portion was very generous and it taste heavenly with the sweetish teriyaki sauce! Obviously all dishes are marvelous! Thumbs up to Sakae Sushi!

Me, Camie, Wei Wei, Amelie Voon & Mindy 

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So, with this new innovation, Sakae Sushi will definitely stays ahead of its competition as well as appeals with an efficient and effective food ordering system that clearly differentiates Sakae Sushi from the rest!

Thanks SHILLS and Sakae Sushi that put this event together and I very much enjoyed!

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