Thursday, March 14, 2013

Secret Recipe : A Slice Of Cake @ RM 1 Only!

YES! I am here again! SATURDAY is definitely a great day to filled with good food and some cake with a group of friends or family members!

Secret Recipe has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle cakes and café chain in the region with over 280 café outlets to date. At Secret Recipe, we can always enjoy in confidence from more than 20 types of fusion food, 40 cake creations and pastries, with a flavorful range of ice cream and beverages.

ONE RINGGIT for a slice of cake, how could I resist?!!

If you’re a cake lovers like me, you wouldn't want to miss it! Secret Recipe is currently running a promotion in the country at all its outlets (except KLIA & PGIA), whereby with every dine-in order of 2 ala-carte main meals, you can get a slice of cake for just RM 1!  This promotion is only valid from 11 – 24 March 2013. So, please make sure you opt-into Secret Recipe during this special 2 weeks promotion.

Deng deng deng deng... Here comes my drink :)

Iced Caffe Mocha
Topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate chips. It's always been one of my favorite drink menu.

My companion ordered the Earl Grey Tea, and this is certainly one to start with.

The menu is huge, featuring a wide variety of food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite, such as asian classic, chicken, western, pasta and vegetarian. 

Irish Lamb Shank *Award Winner* (RM 35.00)
Tender lamb shank slow cooked with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, served with baked mashed potatoes and bun.

Mozzarella Baked Fish (RM 18.50)
Wholesome baked dory fish fillet enveloped in mozzarella cheese, garnished with cherry tomatoes, served with garden salad and potato cubes.

Pan-Grilled Dory With Lobster Sauce (RM 18.50)
Pan-grilled dory prepared with home-made lobster sauce, served with French fries and stir-fried vegetables.

Chicken Parmigiana (RM 17.50)
Tender chicken thigh topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato basil sauce, served with potato cubes and garden salad.

Now is the time for a real after meals treat. Of course I am going to indulge myself for something sweet. It doesn't matter how full I feel after eating the main course, somehow, there is always room for 'cakes'. Can you believe that I just have to pay RM 1 only for a Slice of Cake?! 

Secret Recipe offers a great selection of luxurious specialty cake creations with over 40 assortments of cakes to choose from spanning from 2 types of cakes specialty, namely the cream cakes and the cheese cakes variety. 

White-Dark Chocolate Cheese
Secret Recipe's newest creation, a tantalizing bitter sweet creation with a blend of white and dark premium chocolate topped with a layer of luscious cheese.

Green Tea Cheese
Pretty and healthy, green tea is sure to brighten the flavor of cheesecake!

 Choc Cheese Berries
Topped with a swirl of mixed berries pulp fillings over light chocolate sauce, enjoy this delightful creation of chilled cream cheese infused with a burst of sweet berries perfectly complemented by a rich blend of dark chocolate layer with cocoa biscuit base.

Durian-Durian (Seasonal)
This is the cake for durian lovers! Four layers of vanilla cake with three layers of durian filling.

I know I am gaining weight, but I just can't stop eating!

So, what are you waiting for?! Do drop by your nearest Secret Recipe outlet before the promotion ends on 24 March 2013. Remember! Take along a friend with you so that each of your can order a ala-carte main meals and enjoy the promotion. Valid all day long!

For further details, please visit now!


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