Friday, March 29, 2013

Talika to Launch Its First Skincare Collection ~ Photo-Beauty Therapy

Have you ever heard of Talika? I’m sure some of you might know its star product - Lipocils Expert®, for those who want longer, thicker and more lustrous eyelashes. But guess what?! Talika is launching its first skincare collection which transforms light energy into cellular energy.

I was invited by The Lilac Box to a media launch of Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy earlier last week, at the Mezzanine Floor, North Point, Mid Valley Megamall. Talika introduces the latest 2 new lines, ANTI-AGEING and BRIGHTENING, comprising an Activator, a Serum and a Cream moisturizer.

The Assistant Product Manager of Talika Malaysia, Cindy Lim has started off the event with a short welcome speech, followed by a warm-up game initiated by Rebeccah, the Product Trainer of Luxasia Malaysia. We were divided into 4 groups to find out what ‘LIGHT’ really means to us.

Seriously, we are having a lot of fun during the entire session. We quickly go through all of the magazines without thinking much of it. Cutting and pasting images of whatever that are related to ‘LIGHT’. Well, it's really amazing to see how Rudy can summarize on what we are thinking at that moment.

Finally showing our art work to the world.. Thanks Rudi (1 of the 3 guys from The Lilac Box) for the great presentation on our ‘LIGHT’ and make us a winner!

Here’s another guy, Kygan from The Lilac Box representing Group 2 for the ‘LIGHT’ presentation. Both of them are simply amazing! I can't ever imagine how these guys found a business idea that related to beauty and cosmetics products. Well, maybe they have a passion for making women feel good.

Yay! We are the lucky winners to receive the exclusive cupcake!

Cute right?! Fantastic money can't buy prizes for every one of us!

Here comes the most interesting part of the event. Ms. Sina Deubner from Talika Paris is here again with another revolutionary product which will break through another new frontier in the beauty industry with its discovery of the Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE) which transforms light energy into dermo-repairing energy that will help our skin regain youth and repair damaged DNA.

Talika now offers this natural treasure to the skin by integrating the Photo-Beauty Enzyme for the first time in its skincare and creating the Photo-Beauty Therapy lines - Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGEING (in black) and BRIGHTENING (in white).

The Light Essence Cellular Activator (RM349 / 140ml)
The Light Essence acts like a correction curve, an ‘equalizer’, which takes just a few seconds to reset all ‘cell counters’ to zero! Meanwhile, it boots the youthfulness process in your epidermis. The cell recovers its ‘original’ potential, as a result skin is able to receive and transmit the benefits of daily skincare like never before.

Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGING Line
Anti-Aging Serum (RM229 / 30ml)
The Serum is activated by light. Its effectiveness goes without question, it combines the benefits of the PBE with a recognized complex of active ingredients to treat all signs of aging:  wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin refinement, and dehydration, etc. After 4 weeks, the signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Anti-Aging Cream (RM299 / 50ml)
The Serum is activated by light. This unique cream gives skin a new youthfulness thanks to the synergy of the PBE and anti-wrinkle, firming, energizing and repairing active ingredients with recognized efficacy. After 4 weeks, the signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Photo-Beauty Therapy BRIGHTENING Line
Brightening Serum (RM229 / 30ml)
The Serum is activated by light. Prodigious, rich in PBE and brightening active ingredients, it targets melanocytes specifically to reduce the intensity of dark spots and brightens the complexion within 4 weeks.

Brightening Cream (RM279 / 50ml)
The Serum is activated by light. Suffused in PBE, lightening and nourishing active ingredients, it significantly reduces melanin levels inside skin cells

Does it sound interesting? For further information please visit your nearest counter or ‘Like’ Talika MY on Facebook to get the latest updates. The new Photo-Beauty Therapy collections will be available at all Talika counters from April 2013 onwards.

Photo-Beauty Therapy Anti-Aging & Brightening range

The Lilac Blogger in the house!!

Last but not least, thank you so much to The Lilax Box for the invitation. It is wonderful to be there. Guess what?! The Lilac Box is now giving away 30 Talika Eye Therapy Patch to their Facebook Fans. So make sure you ‘Like’ The Lilax Box on Facebook and enter the contest now!


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