Wednesday, March 23, 2011

f.o.x. Cosmetics Make-up School @ Counter In Town!‏

Ever wish you could get it right when you apply makeup?

Wanna look fabulous every time you step out of your house?

Ever wonder how to re-create the wonderful look your makeup artist has done for you sometime ago?

Wanna learn the special techniques & tricks-of-the-trade that a Professional Makeup Artist will never divulge to you with minimal cost?

We will end your woes in just 15 minutes

f.o.x Cosmetics Malaysia recently launched the first ever “Makeup School @ Counter” at all f.o.x. Parkson counters, featuring 15 to 30-minutes of fun, personal makeup tutorials specially dedicated to individuals wanting to acquire specific makeup skills thru customized lessons for their own needs and facial contours. 

I was invited to attend the Pre-Launch event 'Make-up School @ Counter' on last Sunday. It was fun and it is a one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, I really enjoy going to events and meeting fellow  beauty bloggers, discuss the latest beauty trends while enjoying good food & snacks!

f.o.x “Makeup School @ Counter" provides personalized makeup lessons where our Professional Makeup Artists will personally coach each customers to master a particular look in just a few minutes and at the same time update customers on the latest beauty trends and techniques, emphasizing on how to achieve a desired look.

f.o.x Cosmetics Malaysia will initially start “Make up School @ Counter” with 2 programs targeting at teaching day-to-day makeup needs.
  1. The 1st program which is a 15-minutes Express Class will enable individuals to learn making up specific parts of their face. These 15-minutes shorter lessons are aimed at providing for very specific needs of “getting it right” for individuals that has “somehow or somewhere I can’t get my eyes right” kind of feeling every time they put on their makeup, be it for work, play or for important occasions. Here, customers can choose what they want to master from a standard list of skills or to just simply tell our Professional Makeup Artists what they wish to learn.
  2. The 2nd program, the  Premium Class which will take approximately 30 minutes are aimed at catering to individuals that are interested in learning a wholesome facial make up, ranging from basic day-to-day making up for work (or play) to making up for important functions or events.
What’s more?

You could collect a f.o.x Cosmetics stamp on your Rewards Card for every Make-Up School Tutorial at Parkson counter and you will receive a mystery gift pack for every 5 stamps collected. 

With a minimum purchase of RM 50 & above in a single receipt,  you can enjoy the program at only RM 15 (Express Class) & RM 25 (Premium Class); or FREE with purchase of RM 350 & above. Even if you're not interested in buying any products, all you have to do is just top up RM 5 and you could enjoy the makeup tutorial at RM 20 for Express Class & RM 30 for Premium Class. I must say that  it is definitely a good deal

So, what are you waiting for? Come and meet up with the f.o.x Professional Make-Up Artist today! To schedule an appointment, just call them at the following numbers from 10am to 6pm, Mondays to Sundays:-
  • f.o.x Parkson Sg. Wang counter : 012-390 0108
  • f.o.x Parkson Sunway Pyramid counter : 012-390 1283
  • f.o.x Parkson 1-Utama : 03-7724 1587


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