Monday, September 14, 2015

Celebrate the Arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note5 with Exclusive Trade-Up Promotions!

Hurray!!! The long awaited day has finally arrived. Samsung Malaysia has officially launched its new Galaxy Note5 at Sunway Pyramid on 4th September 2015, marking the 5th anniversary of the Note series. 

The story of the Note in Malaysia began in 2011 with five inspiring stories that formed the Note Legacy. Samsung Galaxy Note known for its larger display size, its incomparable S Pen, and its multitasking capabilities, each Galaxy Note in the series provided users with an all-round immersive experience.

In fact, Samsung would have "heard" the users and make meaningful improvements year-on-year to create the most advance Note in its series today.

Since I’m hanging onto an older model – Note4, let’s check out if it's worth upgrading?

Are you guys ready for the amazing Samsung’s latest phablet – Galaxy Note5?!

I had hands-on time with the new Galaxy Note5, and came away impressed with the latest improvements - not just with its sleek new design, but with the all new S Pen that feels more solid and balanced in the user’s hand, offering improved writing capabilities and a variety of practical tools.

The Galaxy Note5 features a 5.7in 2440x1560 QHD Super AMOLED display at its forefront, the same size as the screen on Galaxy Note4 model. It’s got a revamped design that’s more comfortable to hold than every other Note before it, ergonomically it can fits in one hand with a narrower bezel and curved back.

Available in two (2) colours option - Gold Platinum (above) and White Pearl models, 
featuring a slim aluminium and glass design

Let's me share with you some of its improved features that make your life much easier!

1.  Screen Off Memo

This is definitely my favourite feature on Galaxy Note5 so far. It works instantly when you pull out the S-Pen! You can now make a quick note anytime, anywhere without switching on your screen display. This is particularly handy for those people who constantly on the go.

2.  Customisable Air Command

The improved Air Command is activated immediately when the S Pen is pull out. Now the Samsung Note5 allowing users to customise the Air Command shortcut menu and add your own useful app shortcuts.

3.  Scroll Capture
Samsung has made it super easy to take a full scrolling screenshot of a web page on the Galaxy Note5. The Scrolling Screenshot function allows you to capture content from multiple pages (up to 22 pages) and combine them into a single image for easy reading, editing and sharing in visual form.

4.  Handwriting Conversion
With the new Galaxy Note5 S Pen, you can conveniently write something like entering a name and number instead of typing it. The handwriting recognition will intelligently convert your handwriting into text in your preferred language.

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 comes with an excellent Camera as the previous model, a 16-megapixel camera on the back, and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. But, Samsung have made a significant improvements to the camera with lens aperture F1.9 to allow more light and good for photography, especially in low light condition. Here's a look at how the image quality compares.

Galaxy Note4 (left) Vs Galaxy Note5 (right)

Live Broadcast is one of those features present on the new Note5. This feature would allow you to live stream directly from your camera app via YouTube. You can now share your experience with your loved ones as you live it. And with increased 4GB RAM, Galaxy Note5 enables users to enjoy more seamless multi-tasking, keep up with messages, post updates to social networks faster, and enjoy graphic-heavy games without suffering lag time.

No doubt, Samsung has kept so many surprise behind the Samsung Galaxy Note5 launch and here comes the Dual-SIM variant of Note5, which allows you to use two SIMs in just one device instead of carrying separate phones for your work- and personal contracts.

To top it off, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 now has lesser down time charging with its fast wired and wireless charging – enabling users to stay productive for longer!

Wireless Charger (Fast Charger)

Well, if you're tempted by the experience phablet + stylus, I would say Note5 is the best of the best. Trust me, if you have a Note1 or 2, you can buy with your eyes closed, it is definitely a whole new world to you!

The Galaxy Note5 is offered at the recommended retail price of RM2,699 (inclusive of 6% GST). However, if you don’t want to pay full price, you can definitely opt for Trade-Up!

Trade-Up Promotion

Samsung is now rewarding all Galaxy Note users with an exclusive trade-up campaign. Beginning from 4th September, Samsung fans can trade-up your current Samsung Galaxy Note for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note5. All you need to do is just bring your existing Galaxy Note to the nearest participating Samsung Experience Stores, get a quick validation on your existing Galaxy Note, then you will get a stipulated trade-in value, pay the top up difference and enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy Note5.
It’s time for me to upgrade too! Hurry up! The trade-up promotion is happening now at participating Samsung Experience Stores till 30th October 2015!

Need more information on the Galaxy Note5 and trade-up promotion?

Click here now!


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