Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's Go Pink With Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Limited Edition!

I Iove Pink! It reminds me of my lovely daughter, always with a pretty pink outfit and accessories. Personally, I think many girls love pink because it is strongly associated with beauty, love, romance and femininity. It is my theory that the more feminine a woman is, the likely she is to wear pink in fiction. It's also why it's thought girls appreciate pink things more than any other colors.

For the pink lovers like me, I am totally fall in love over the Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Limited Edition. Pink always make me feel like I'm living in a teenage dream. It paints memories of my first love and young romance. Wow.. Sounds like a hot romance is brewing now! 

Samsung Shows Off Pink Galaxy Note 2 in Malaysia

The pink version of the Galaxy Note 2 fit so comfortably into my daily life. It is the same device as the previous Galaxy Note 2 models that launched last year. The only difference is the special edition pink case which is evident in both the front and back of the design. The cover case is not only stylish but easily makes the phone look more appealing and noticeable on sight.

I like the big screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because social networking will be a lot better when I use it for web browsing. In fact, I enjoyed navigating the Note 2 with ‘S Pen’ stylus that works like my finger on the touch screen. I can draw on the screen, create handwritten notes, sign documents and even highlight days on my calendar with the color of my choice.

The Galaxy Note 2′s 8-megapixel camera shows really great quality of photos and videos.  It comes with advanced features that allow me to choose the best shots and share them instantly on my social networks. 

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is my best friend now :P

I had so much of fun playing with the Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The device is not only functionally astounding, but also physically beautiful that supports my active lifestyle.

For more information on the Pink version of Samsung Galaxy Note 2, please visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Hurry up and grab this limited edition smartphone today!


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