Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Ready To Fly With The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Are you guys ready 4 the next Galaxy?

Samsung Malaysia has begun hyping up its flagship Galaxy S4 Smartphone since last week. I'm getting a little too excited for this announcement and I actually went to the Digital Mall on 19 April 2013 to join the excitement in welcoming The Next Galaxy that is coming very soon to our Malaysian shores!

There is a group of musicians assemble at the main entrance, playing violin and cello, in a relaxed and supportive setting. Well, some of them started to sing, to make musical noises with their voices. They are singing at their own rhymes that Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming to town!

He is obviously enjoy singing the song!

Wow! This was arguably the best performance of the day. Double thumbs up to Samsung Malaysia for coming up such a creative idea. I'm really looking forward to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in Malaysia!

I will definitely like to check these out for myself. How about you?

Click here for more information on Samsung Galaxy S4!


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