Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YES! I Want An iPad 2!

Did you hear me? I want an iPad 2 so badly!!! The only things hold me up is money of course. I know everyone including myself would love to win an iPad 2, but I know it is difficult and perhaps impossible. Somehow, I managed to convince myself that I was enjoying my iPhone 4, and it's nice to have something to look forward to in another 2 or 6 months, isn’t it?! So, be patient, and that patience will be rewarded.

Few days ago, my colleague received a surprise present from her husband. Yes! It’s an iPad 2! I am sure there will be nothing better than giving her a gift she always wanted to have. My colleague was totally unexpected and I'm jealous!

Cool! Her name was printed at the back of the iPad 2.

Well, do you have any other ideas on how to get an iPad 2 a bit faster? You might want to share it with me. :D


Omg, i'm jealous too! Hehe

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