Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review : Charles Worthington Balancing Act Conditioner

Shopping for the right hair conditioner can be a head-scratcher, what with all the choices on the market. But I always recommended that to use the shampoo and conditioner of the same range to ensure optimal results. 

I have started using the Charles Worthington Balancing Act Shampoo and Conditioner at the same time and my experience with both products are pretty good. You might want to read my review on the Balancing Act Shampoo in my previous post, and now here goes my review of the Balancing Act Conditioner.

Charles Worthington’s Balancing Act Conditioner is perfect for oily hair and has been carefully formulated for oil free roots whilst perfectly nourishing ends. This conditioner is an ultra light daily conditioner that gently conditions my hair without weighing it down. With the clarifying ‘White Nettle’ and nourishing ‘Rice Protein’, it helps to rebalance my oily and dry zones for shiny, healthy-looking hair.

After shampooing, I just squeeze out excess water before smoothing conditioner through my hair. Apply the conditioner on to the tips of my hair and try not applying the conditioner on to the scalp as this will result in the moisturizing agents in the conditioner making the scalp too oily. I left it on for few minutes and do a thorough washing with cold water to hold the moisture. As soon as I began rinsing it, my hair felt really soft, smooth and silky. I felt like it had more bounce than usual. I just couldn't stop feeling my hair all day and now my hair is healthy again!
 Balancing Act Range

The CW Balancing Act Shampoo is retails at RM29.90 for a 250ml bottle, and now you can get the Takeaways Shampoo and Conditioner at only RM9.90, which is a mini version designed to make traveling easy! Promotion starts 24/5/2011 until 22/6/2011. Only at selected Watsons Stores.


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