Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review : Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer MO

I was one of the 10 lucky winners to be exclusively selected to use the Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer MO for 3 weeks and review on the product.  Well, I’m sure most of you would have familiar with AQUALABEL from Shiseido by now. In fact, it’s the No. 1 Whitening and Anti-aging brand in the self-select category (under 2000¥) in Japan.

Aqualabel adopted 4 essential steps to the best skin care routines – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize & Enhance. My question is how to ‘Enhance’? Here’s is where Aqua Enhancer comes into the picture.

The Aqua Enhancer is the star performer with high concentrations of Aqua Synergy. It forces essential ingredients to sink deeper into your skin while softens skin’s outer layer so that benefits of ingredients maximally absorbed. Skin cells are saturated with generous moisture which is then sealed off to keep skin hydrated for hours on end.

There are currently 2 types of Aqua Enhancer: MO (red) for moisturizing, best for dry / sensitive skin; whereas WT (blue) for whitening.

After applying lotion and emulsion, pour some essence (aqua enhancer) onto your palm and massage it into skin using fingertips or dampen a cotton pad with essence and then gently dab on face and neck.

I've been using Aqua Enhancer for almost 3 weeks now, and I'm totally in love with this product! The light clean floral rose scent helps me relax and forget my busy work. I love the extremely lightweight texture, it absorbs quickly to my skin without feeling sticky at all and leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth and moisturized. The best part is… you can use the Aqua Enhancer with your normal skincare routine; meaning that you don’t need to change your full range of products. Does it sound great to you?!

Are you tempted? The Aqua Enhancer is really worth raving for and it’s definitely a must try products! Do drop by your nearest Watsons stores now and grab it! Happy trying!


Good for you. You been lucky to have that. Well hope you post what was the experience and you opinion about that product.

Ashley @ Eyelash Enhancer

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