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Mary Quant Beauty Workshop

I love beauty workshop especially hands-on! Here’s where I can have the opportunity to explore and try out new techniques of a particular skincare or makeup brand. Again, I was lucky enough to be invited by Monaoh Consulting to attend an exclusive Mary Quant hands-on beauty workshop last Sunday. 

Mary Quant cosmetic brand was launched last September in Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid and I did a post on the Launch of Mary Quant Cosmetics Brand at MUSE by Watsons previously. The launch was basically an introduction to Mary Quant cosmetic brand as well as a full makeup demonstration techniques using their products.

I wanted to play with all of them! 

The hands-on workshop was conducted at Mandom’s office by Mary Quant’s official Makeup Artist all the way from Japan, Ms TakakiIt's been about eight (8) months since we met and she was pretty still.

Ms Takaki (Left) and Model for the day (Right

Before applying any makeup, it’s very important to prepare our skin properly. Ms Takaki uses Mary Quant Special Recipe range of products before beginning. This will ensure that our makeup will last all day long without creasing easily.

Mary Quant Oil Zap (RM119 / 20g) 

Ms Takaki started by applying an adequate amount of Mary Quant Oil Zap (Oil Control Makeup Base) concentrating on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), which has a higher concentration of oil glands on our face that than any other part. This makeup base provides a dry, matte finish, as we have applied powder. It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum. Also, it renders skin with a fine texture by covering up annoying pores.

Mary Quant Moisture Zap (RM129 / 30g) 

Follow-up with Marry Quant Moisture Zap (Moisture Infusion Makeup Base) on the other areas except T-zone. It’s not only prevents dry skin with high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum, but also helps makeup last longer and creates a soft tautness and provide improved coverage. This makeup base also enhances blood circulation maintaining bright skin and the skin look naturally smooth and firm so that fine wrinkles and pores are concealed. 

Mary Quant Eye Gloss (RM79 / 8.5g) 

The next obvious step to concealing our under eye circles is to apply Mary Quant Eye Gloss (Moisturizing Eye Foundation) on to the eyelids. This foundation is for the delicate and dry-prone eye area. It covers dark circles and dullness, and makes eye colors come out brightly.

Mary Quant Smoo Make (RM108 / 10g / 8 Shades) 

There are a total of 8 shades to choose from Mary Quant Smoo Make (Powder Foundation). Always, finding the right shade can be very tricky especially when it comes to lightness and darkness. The best shade for me is Y-10 (Fresh), one that disappear into my face making it appear as if I’m wearing no makeup at all. 

This highly moisturizing powder foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin color, texture and three-dimensional appearance. Powders that incorporate ample moisture adhere to the skin as if dissolving onto it. The foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin color, creating radiant, firm, smooth skin.

Mary Quant Loose Face Powder (RM109 / 27g / 4 Shades

Next, blend the Mary Quant Loose Face Powder (Finishing Face Powder) evenly by pressing the puff against the skin. It seems shade 01 (Sheer Satin) is just perfect for me. This make my skin appear brighter and fine textured. The velvety loose powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable. My skin definitely looks softer and even-toned. It also prevents makeup from dulling or running, providing a long lasting beautiful finish.

Once the face is set, it's time to move on to the eyes and then ending with the mouth.

Mary Quant Brow Line (RM59 / 3 Colors) 

Ms Takaki shown us on how to achieve the most refined and natural looking brows with Mary Quant Brow Line (Eyebrow Pencil) that match our hair color and bring out the beauty of our eyes. The Shade 02 (Chestnut Brown) matches my hair color almost exactly. The special coloring formula ensures the eyebrow pencil adheres to the skin smoothly and gently with a suitable firmness, enabling us to easily draw delicate eyebrow hairs one by one. Brow Line is waterproof, resists perspiration and maintains a beautiful finish. It prevents dullness and crumbling due to sebum and other factors.

Mary Quant Eye Opener (RM49 / 57 Shades) 

Mary Quant Eye Opener (Powder Eye Shadow) offers a complete assortment of colors for our selectionThe color comes out brightly adheres well. The texture is velvety and smooth. Here’s a basic 4-colors plan by Ms Takaki. 

N-01 (Pinkish White) + P-06 (Lavender Grey) + V-01 (Bright Violet)

  1. Firstly, brighten up the eyes by applying the lightest color N-01 (Pinkish White) over the entire eyelid. 
  2. Secondly, blend in the intermediate color P-06 (Lavender Grey) working from the outer corners of the eye inward. 
  3. Thirty, apply a darkest color V-01 (Bright Violet) at the outer corners of the eye and blur the border between the eye shadow and neighboring skin for a natural gradation. 
  4. Finally, use the tip of the brush to apply color R-02 (Rose Pink) under the lower lash line to create a very defined line in the crease of the eye.
Mary Quant Out Line (RM59 / 19 Shades

Mary Quant Out Line (Color Pencil) enables greater freedom to play with eye and lip make-up with its superb drawing ease. Ms Takaki used shade 10 (Rose Lake) to  trace the model’s upper lashline, but the shade 01 (Ebony Black) is still the best for me. By aiming for double usage, a special texture has been formulated that allows us to draw softly around the eyes and creates firm lines around the lips. Since the liner is waterproof and impervious to tears and perspiration, the beautiful finish lasts for a long time.

Mary Quant Action Lashings (RM109 / 7 Shades) 

Mary Quant Action Lashings (Lengthening Mascara) offers 7 amazing shades! The shade 06 (Bohemian Purple) is very subtle, but gives a lot more dimension than black or brown. It’s original two-sided Coil and Chip Brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity, together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes. The ‘anti color-fading effects' and 'waterproofing effects' have also been enhanced, enabling the maintenance of beautifully upward-curling eyelashes and completely preventing smudging on the lower eyelid.

Mary Quant Blush Baby (RM75 / 14 Colors) 

Marry Quant Blush Baby (Power Cheek Blush) has 14 colors to choose from. From main colors to contouring colors, it gives us an attractive finish with various textures such as shimmer or pearl. A beautiful velvety finish is just what we all wish to have.
  1. Apply shade 02 (Mauve Pink) by stroking the cheeks lightly with the brush in an upward motion.
  2. Apply shade 09 (Shell Pink) as a highlighter on top of the cheekbones and the arch of the brow.
Mary Quant Lipstick (RM108 / 20  Shades) 

Every girl has a color that makes her feel beautiful. There are 20 shades of Mary Quant Lip Stick (Moisture Rich Lipstick) available in Malaysia at the present time and shade V-03 (Faithfulness) is wear on the model's lips today. This sheer lipstick effortlessly glides on and delivers long-lasting moisture.

Mary Quant Colourshine For Lips (RM99 / 6ml / 8 Shades) 

Mary Quant Colourshine For Lips (Lip Gloss) in 06 (Rosy Shine) is the final product used to create such a great look. The smooth texture adheres securely to the lips and plumps up the volume creating sensuous and seriously sexy lips. It can prevent stringiness and stickiness whether the mouth is opened or closed. It moves with the lips when they move, delivering a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

 The model looks absolutely stunning in a full face of make-up.

We ended the session with some beautiful group photographs and selfie-ing. Many thanks to Monaoh Consulting and Mary Quant for organizing such a great workshop. I had so much fun exploring the latest makeup collections!

Me & Mary Quant’s official Makeup Artist, Ms Takaki

Yahoo! My dessert of the day!

For more information about Mary Quant, head down to MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid to try out the full collection or visit  its official website at ( 


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