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Launch Of Mary Quant Cosmetics Brand At MUSE By Watsons

Freedom and Individual
‘Be Free, Be Yourself.' The eternal spirit of Mary Quant.

I have been invited by Monaoh Consulting to the launch of Mary Quant cosmetics brand at MUSE by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid last weekend. Guess what?! I am one of the first to experience the new cosmetic brand in town and there was a beauty workshop conducted by Mary Quant’s official Makeup Artist all the way from Japan, Ms Takaki.
Mary Quant is an English fashion designer, best known for inventing the miniskirt and her work on pop art in fashion. Innovative, unconventional and focused, Mary has used her passion for individuality and style to create a legend.
“The Black Daisy” is the brand symbol of Mary Quant. A black flower, unique in the world, impossible to produce through the power of science; it is the symbol of the freedom fashion designer Mary Quant gave to women, and of the Mary Quant brand which continues to defy convention to create new forms of beauty. 

Ms Takaki (Left) and Model for the day (Right)

Ms Takaki demonstrates a series of easy make up and beauty tips with step by step lessons on applying makeup that will leave us looking gorgeous. The model was well prepared her skin with Special Recipe range of products before applying any makeup. 

Mary Quant Special Recipe Guaranteed Pure Skincare Series 
(Cleansing Gel, Washing Milk, Toning Lotion, Moisture Milk & Moisture Cream)

Seriously I love the vintage look and the feel of this packaging design! This series are designed to help skin maintain a healthy balance and protect it from environmentally factors. It uses some of the organic ingredients such as chamomile, daisy, rosemary wild thyme, and honey. I could smell the presence of the herbs as I open the bottle.

Next, Ms Takaki apply an even layer of makeup base over the model’s face to help the foundation spread more smoothly and stay on longer. There are two types of Mary Quant makeup base: (1) Oil Zap (Oil Contol Makeup Base), which provides a dry, matte finish and prevents makeup from coming off; (2) Moisture Zap (Moisture Infusion Makeup Base), which is highly moisturizing and helps makeup last longer.

Mary Quant Obedient Oil Free Finish Foundation SPF20 PA++ (6 Shades / RM135)

Then apply Mary Quant Obedient Finish (Oil Free Foundation) uniformly over the face. This foundation spreads smoothly and adheres well to skin. It prevents shine and makeup coming off due to sebum. Also, it maintains even skin with a fine texture for long hours by covering up annoying pores while moisturizing your skin. 

Another important step when preparing the eyes is to make sure Mary Quant Eye Gloss (Moisturizing Eye Foundation) is always applied to the eyelids. This foundation is for the delicate and dry-prone eye area. It covers dark circles and dullness, and makes eye colors come out brightly. If you have any ance, dark spots, sun spots, scars, or birthmarks, now is the time to cover them up with Mary Quant Out Of Sight (Concealer).

Mary Quant Loose Face Powder (4 Colors / RM109)

Once all these steps have been followed, use Mary Quant Loose Face Powder all over the face to sets the liquid foundation. This will make our skin appear brighter and fine textured.

Mary Quant Brow Line (3 Shades) 

Now that the model’s face is set, it's time to make up her eyes. Ms Takaki shows us how to use the Mary Quant Brow Line (Eyebrow Pencil) to shape and define the brows. This waterproof eyebrow pencil glides on smoothly with no tugging or having to press so hard, and it adheres beautifully as far as brow application goes.

Mary Quant Eye Opener (RM49) 

Mary Quant Eye Opener (Powder Eye Shadow) have got some really beautiful colors to work with. For a basic eye, simply apply a base shade on the lid of the eye. Apply a darker contouring shadow in the crease and make sure to blend it all in well. I really love the texture of it, it’s very velvety smooth and highly pigmented. I just can't wait to try them on. 

 The color comes out brightly adheres well...

Mary Quant Talkative Eyes (3 Shades) 

Then Ms Takaki apply the Mary Quant Talkative Eyes (Liquid Eyeliner) smoothly over the model's eyelid. For me, eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics and can give me a dramatic look without much time or effort. 

It comes in a tube with a brush that pulls out with the liquid on it. It has a smudge-proof, fast-drying formula that lasts all day!

Mary Quant Out Line (19 Shades / RM59)

Mary Quant Out Line (Color Pencil) comes in 19 different shades that will give our eye a wonderful look. Ms Takaki uses the 'Red-Brown' shade to draw below lower lashes and as a lip liner. By aiming for double usage, a special texture has been formulated that allows us to draw softly around the eyes and creates firm lines around the lips. It's really great for someone who travels or if you want to carry just one pencil.

This silky soft color pencil delivers a powerful color to line eyes.   

Well, I've always called this look the 'Heroine Chic' look, because heroine users always get that intense red rim around their eyes.

Mary Quant Action Lashings (7 Shades / RM109) 

Mary Quant Action Lashings (Lengthening Mascara) offers 7 amazing shades! It’s original two-sided Coil and Chip Brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara its elasticity, together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes.

Ms Takaki apply the ‘Lac Rose’ shade mascara by wiggling the wand from the roots of the lashes on through to the ends.  Repeat across the eyelashes, making sure to get every lash.  But remember to curl our lashes for extra length before we put mascara on. 
Her eyes look really remarkable with  the ‘Lac Rose’ shade mascara and color pencil. 

Next, Ms Takaki apply a nice color of Marry Quant Blush Baby (Power Cheek Blush) on just the apples of the cheek bone to make the model’s beautiful face glow and look alive.

Mary Quant Blush Baby (14 Colors / RM75) 

These blusher are decent and it has 14 colors to choose from. Beginning from main colors to contouring colors, it gives us more attractive finish with various textures such as lame or pearl. I like the fact that it fit in well into the color palette too.

Mary Quant Lip Stick (20 Shades / RM108)  

Moving on to the lips, Ms Takaki uses the Mary Quant Lip Stick (Moisture Rich Lipstick) that matches the lip liner to create a seamless color. There are 20 shades available in Malaysia at the present time. These sumptuous shades glides on smoothly and leaves our lips a glamorous look.

Mary Quant Colourshine For Lips (8 Shades / RM99) 

Lastly, Ms Takaki slick on the Mary Quant Colourshine For Lips (Lip Gloss) in ‘Champagne Shine’ over it. This will keep the lip intact all day and add a sexy, vampy effect. These lip gloss has a lacquer finish with high-impact color and beautiful shine. The smooth texture adheres securely to the lips and pumps up the volume, creating sensuous and seriously sexy lips. It comes in 9 stunning shades which we can wear alone or over our favorite lipstick. 

Look at that!  It is simply amazing and beyond inspirational.
Mary Quant Color Palette 

The Mary Quant Color Palette is very nicely designed with the signatures daisy motif on it and I think it’s worth the price tag. I can always pick my favorite eye shadow / blusher pan and create my own palette. 

Extensive range of stunning eye shadows and blushers to create the perfect palette! 

WohoO! It was finally my turn to give it a try!

I really have fun exploring Mary Quant's latest makeup collections!

I can now add or remove which frames I'd like to include to my picture with my S4!

For more information about Mary Quant, head down to MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid to try out the full collection or visit  its official website at (


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