Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love Lock In Busan, South Korea

The Love Locks of Paris, had spread to Busan Tower.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole lot of Love Locks here. It seems like these are not an uncommon sight across the world these days. I can see thousands of love padlocks hanging along the fences and benches surrounding the Busan Tower. Each with a messages on it, couples’ names and dates. But too bad, I can't read it.. *sad*

Hahah.. I only have this photo of me to lock it here! #S4

Love Locks are a symbol of everlasting love and deep commitment for your partner. If you have your significant other with you, you could bring a padlock or love notes and then attach it to the fence. Otherwise, you can purchase it from the souvenir shop at the Busan Tower.

 Cute and lovely padlock in heart shape :)

Well, I noticed that the experience in Busan was a bit different compared to Paris. In Busan, most of the padlocks accompanied with a love shaped message board; whereas in Paris, names and messages are usually engraved on the padlocks of all sizes and colors.

Love Locks in Busan!

I really have no idea who actually started this or where, but still, I appreciates the concept. It's so cool and romantic!

Selfie with Busan Tower!


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