Thursday, November 28, 2013

Purplish Red Is My New Hair Color!

Oooh! My gray hairs were starting to pop out again, and I'm not liking it!

You know what?!  I've got a family history of gray hair on my mom’s side and I started noticing gray strands on my hair when I was in my early 20s. It wasn't a huge amount, but it was slow and steady. My sister was practically one of the lucky ones I guess that she take after my dad’s genes.

Eventually, coloring my hair has been a part of my life since my twenties. 

Camwhore with my #S4 while waiting for my turn to transform my hair into goddess look!

Couple of days ago, I had my hair colored and cut. But this time round, I have decided to try out a new salon. They offer reasonable prices and are professional in every sense of the word. I always open to whatever hair stylist wanted to do and what would look best for me. He recommended a u-shaped back for my long hair haircut, chemically relaxed for my wavy/frizzy hair, a right shade that cover my gray hair and following up with scalp treatment that helps to promote a healthy hair growth.

I was pampered with a special pumpkin barley drink by my hair stylist! Love it!

She was so sad because I didn't take pictures with her.. *Emotional Girl*

 It’s always been my dream to have Purplish Red hair!

I really love my hair color that looks healthy and fabulous now.  My hair was instantly so much straighter and no more frizz. Everyone I encountered over this past weekend and during the work week has complimented me on my new hair color! I love it! 


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