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The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013 @ Ipoh

Well, just after I returned from my Busan trip, I did a 2 days 1 night road trip up to Ipoh with a group of bloggers. Although have been visiting Ipoh numerous times but this was the first time I travel with Honda Civic Hybrid. I was absolutely blown away by how much fun we had!

 Me & the new Honda Civic Hybrid

 Me & my travel buddy (Jess)

We started our journey from Subang Jaya early in the morning at 8am. On our way, we stopped at R&R Rawang to opt for a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee instead. I was excited and a bit nervous at the same time because I’m driving a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid car that don't belong to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed driving it.

  Smooth and a satisfying drive

After a long journey we finally reached Tecco Ipoh around 11.10am, just in time to join The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013. We were greeted friendly by one of the Honda staff and brought us around explaining the Honda line of hybrid cars and how they works.

The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip Finale in Tesco Teh Ten Seng, Ipoh Perak 

Honda's Green Auto Technology Milestones

Honda Hybrid Technology

A Hybrid vehicle is a car that is powered by an engine and assisted by an electric motor. It uses two sources of power to drive the car: a small, efficient petrol engine and an electric motor. With the electric motor helping out, the petrol engine doesn't need to work as hard. And that means cleaner air and enhanced fuel economy.

The Power of Two

At the heart of the Civic Hybrid is the sophisticated Integrated Motor Assist IMA® System. IMA pairs a 1.5-liter, i-VTEC® 4-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor. Although the engine alone provides sufficient driving performance, when additional power is required, a permanent-magnet electric motor mounted between the engine and transmission provides power assist. Under certain conditions, the electric motor can propel the car on its own. 

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) Hybrid System : The perfect blend of Power and Efficiency

The Honda Formula E

I can even play on the racing game which provides a true test of the Honda Hybrid car on how to achieve the perfect balance between excellent fuel efficiency and performance.

Honda Hybrid Exhibition : Jazz Hybrid, CR-Z Hybrid, Civic Hybrid & Insight Hybrid

There are lots of interactive games and activities at The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013. I can find out everything I wanted to know about Honda Hybrids here. Plus, there are environmentally friendly Eco-Bazaar, Fun Kids Zone, and you can even take the latest Hybrid for a test drive.

After the roadshow, we started our food hunting and we found Burps & Giggles for lunch! It’s located in the heart of Ipoh's Old Town that spans over three adjacent pre-World War II shop houses. Burps & Giggles still preserving much of the rustic ambiance and I really enjoyed!

Burps & Giggles Bar & Cafe

SPH De Silva, a Renaissance-style building built at the turn of the century, this is one of lpoh's oldest commercial buildings. Amazingly, the building was well preserved with its original appearance.

SPH De Silva

There are many cave temples around the city of Ipoh. So we decided to visit Nam Thean Tong temple, one of the Ipoh’s oldest cave temples. It has hundreds of stairs that climb right through the mountain to high up on the other side, providing great views. By the temple's entrance, there was a charming landscaped bonzai garden and fish / tortoise pond.

 Nam Thean Tong temple

Fish / tortoise pond at Nam Thean Tong temple

Ling Sen Tong cave temple was located just next door to the Nam Thean Tong temple. It was attractively adorned with various statues and images of Buddha and deities as well as dragons and other mythical figures, which make it a perfect place to take pictures. 

Ling Sen Tong cave temple

Next, we headed down to Kellie's Castle, the deserted mansion of an eccentric Scottish planter in Batu Gajah. Its main appeal lies in the belief that it is haunted and that secret passages leading to hidden chambers exist. And now, it was a popular local tourist attraction.

 Kellie's Castle

The structure was really well preserved

While testing on Honda Civic Hybrid, I truly enjoyed the beautiful heritage scenery of Ipoh City along the way. And I’m so proud to know that the Honda Civic Hybrid do not rely on fuel all the time which helps SAVE the nature just like how cave temples in Ipoh has been preserved over the years.

ECON mode

By pushing the dash-mounted ECON button, the Civic Hybrid's engine and other energy-consuming systems are automatically configured to operate more efficiently. When I need more zip, push it again to go back to normal mode.

Smart Keyless Start / Stop Button

The Smart Key system provides a true hands-free keyless operation experience. It allows me to walk up to the vehicle, touch the door handle to unlock the door, start the engine and shut it off at the end of the trip using a push button ignition switch, and then get out and touch the lock button on the door handle to secure the car – all without ever touching a key. Not only that, I can even use Smart Keys to open the boot remotely.

What’s more?! There were exclusive music performances from the hottest Malaysian artists and appearances by One FM in the evening. There were many events lined up for the night such as quizzes, games and lucky draws. We were well entertained.

Malaysian artists : Danny One
Snapped via my #S4 #DualCamera

Malaysian artists : Gina

It seemed the perfect end to The Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip 2013. We spend a night in Ipoh before heading back to Kuala Lumpur the next day. It was absolutely a fruitful and fun trip that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Looks! Here's my eco score throughout the entire journey back to Kuala Lumpur based on how I drive. Yessss.. I feel so proud of it!

Eco Assist Scoring

Honda’s Eco Assist™ is like having my own on-board efficiency coach. It keeps track of my current and long-term driving practices. The eco-scoring function reward me for driving efficiency, I will receive ‘leaves’ as my ‘eco score’. Over time, my ‘leaves’ will turn into a ‘trophy’.

MID Screen Display

The Exterior of Honda Civic Hybrid 

The Interior of Honda Civic Hybrid 

Now you can even enjoy a few fun-filled days with a Honda Hybrid for FREE! Simply LIKE Honda Malaysia’s Facebook Page and fill up the registration form.

Learn more about your favorite hybrid at hybrid.honda.com.my now!

* All of these pictures were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 * 


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