Monday, December 23, 2013

100Plus ‘Release the Can’ Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid

100PLUS ‘Win the Day’ Campaign

After weeks of waiting, the 100PLUS ‘Win the Day’ campaign featuring the 1st interactive venting machine was finally here at Sunway Pyramid. I was there early in the morning to get my hands on experiences.

I think I’m little too early to be there.. Time for selfie with my S4 again! :P

This interactive vending machine was strategically located at the LG2 Ice Rink (near to Wendy's). Well, the IT team was busy preparing the systems set up. Once all systems are configured, the program linking up with Facebook will be initiated. *patiently waiting*

In the meanwhile, the dedicated promotion team were there to make sure that the vending machine is well stocked with the 100PLUS and ready for the challenge!

Ooppsss.. They were experiencing some system issues. 

At that point in time, a lot of people were waiting in line to play the game and I am finally getting excited about it. Luckily, the IT team was able to quickly identify the problem.

To complete the ‘Release the Can’ game and win yourself a can of 100PLUS, you will need to log on to your Facebook account via the machine and play the game. To win, you just need to guide the virtual 100PLUS can through the machine by tilting your body left, right or jumping to control the movement of the virtual can. Upon completing the game, a real can of 100PLUS will be dispensed as a reward for your efforts. It is that simple!

It is really fun game! But I feel shy playing in front of the public though.. *paiseh*

Ahhha!!! Finally.. Got my reward from 100PLUS ‘Win the Day’ campaign!

Are you here yet? Is time to get your FREE 100PLUS!

For those who haven’t try out the ‘Release the Can’ game, the final location will be at Mydin KT (Terengganu) on 27th & 28th December! Remember to drop by this weekend and challenge the 100PLUS interactive vending machine! Let’s do it!

For more information on 100PLUS, log on to and


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