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I’m so glad to have join the BCL (Beauty Creative Lab) BFF Makeup Party last Sunday with my cousin at Damansara Uptown. In fact, my cousin is just like a BFF to me, we met socially almost every weekend since the day she came back to Malaysia for her summer holidays and internship. She was so happy when I invited her to join me for the party.

This is actually the first time I get to know more about BCL range of products. Special thanks to Manoah Consulting, Mandom and BCL Malaysia for inviting us to this party. And we are lucky enough to have Mr Takeru Hiroki, a make-up artist who came all the way from Japan, to demonstrate his bold but delicate technique to help us look our best!

Mr Takeru Hiroki from Japan

Generally, two makeup theme are demonstrated by Mr Takeru Hiroki; (1) Cool Beauty, which is defined and mature, (2) Japanese Idol, which is soft and supernatural. Always.. The first rule to makeup is to make sure our skin is in tip-top condition.

Clear Last Pore Cover Face Powder 4 in 1

02 Light Ocher (Left) & 01 Natural Ocher (Right) 

Firstly, dust the face lightly with a Clear Last Pore Cover Face Powder 4 in 1 to give a nice matte finish and hold the coverage in place. It has an ultra-fine, lightweight texture that formulated with soft-focus powders to help even out skin tone and cloak visible pores. 

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Water Strong W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid
02 Greyish Brown (Top) & 01 Natural Brown (Bottom) 

I have dark brown hair and the 01 Natural Brown works perfectly for me. Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Water Strong W Eyebrow is a two-end eyebrow pencil that draws accurate eyebrows with the benefits of both pencil and liquid type. Draw the whole eyebrow with the pencil and draw the end (outer part) with a liquid type. The pencil one is so flexible that it manages to draw out thick, fine and soft lines; while the liquid one is equipped with a very fine tip that helps draw precise lines. The water-proof film lasts and resists water, sweat and sebum all day long. 

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Gel Pencil & Powder
02 Light Brown (Top) & 01 Natural Brown (Bottom) 

Browlash Ex W Eyebrow is a NEW two-end eyebrow pencil that draws accurate eyebrows with the benefits of both gel pencil and powder type. The powder one is best for naturally thick eyebrows. However, this product has not yet been launched onto the Malaysia market.

Me & My BFF

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow 
02 Bronze Brown (Top) & 01 Light Brown (Bottom)

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow act as both eye shadow and eyeliner, it make our eye makeup simple and quick. It comes in a sponge applicator at the end, which springs into action when the cap is unscrewed. To apply, simply draw a fine line along the base of lower eyelid, start from tip to tail; and dip the pen into the cap to get more color as and when needed. This 'Magic Pen' is extremely easy to apply and I love it so much!

Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner (Top) & Browlash Ex Slim Gel Pencil Liner (Middle) & BCL BrowLash EX Water Strong Liquid Liner (Bottom)

BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner is a handy twin headed mascara (Jet Black) and liquid eyeliner (Shiny Brown) that designed just perfect every girl. Click here to see my detailed review of BCL Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner.

Browlash Ex Slim Gel Pencil Liner is made of 2mm ultra sharp pencil tip that allows an easy drawing of eyeline in any thickness. It’s formulated with a water-resistant polymer for staying power and a lasting impression. I love the twist-up dispenser which means no sharpener hassles. It's available in Deep Black and Deep Brown color.

BCL BrowLash EX Water Strong Liquid Liner (Deep Black) is a thick, sticky water, sweat, and oil-proof eyeliner with water resistant coat polymer that keeps clear eyelines 24 hours. I only need one coat to achieve the intense black look.

Browlash Ex Washable WP Mascara Mega Volume & Curl (Top) & Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber Mascara (Bottom)

Browlash Ex Washable WP Mascara Mega Volume & Curl gives a long, volume & curl eyelash finish virtually without the use of a regular eyelash curler. The original special comb design enables a perfect fusion of mascara liquid on every root of eyelash. It is highly resistance to sweat and sebum, still easily removed by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover. 

BCL Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber Mascara has a special 40 degrees curved brush with super fine brush end for accurate application and retouching for eyelash ends. Fiber is used in this new formula to create 200% volumizing & lengthening effect. The high resistance mascara will last even if you sweat but still easily take off by warm water.

Mr Takeru Hiroki take the final step in creating the base of the model’s look with blusherGently tap the blush brush onto the apples of the cheek, starting from the roundest portion and tapping lightly upwards and towards the temple.

This Puregram cheek blush provides a beautiful finish look and stays on fairly well. Unfortunately, they are not available in Malaysia.

There are two different themes are used on the model’s face: Cool Beauty and Japanese Idol; however, you can do what looks best on your face.

Here is the finish look! Simply follow the step-by-step guide for a makeup look that's great on every face, every day. And now I discovered BCL's must-try products. So guess what I bought?

These are the products I used during the party :)

Each of us take home a polaroid photo!

Group of beautiful girls have fun at BCL BFF Makeup Party!

Do visit a SASA store near you for the great offers on BCL products and remember to become a fan of BCL Malaysia Facebook Page ( to find out more about the exclusive events.


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