Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review : LANEIGE Perfect Renew Kit

My daily LANEIGE Perfect Renew skin care routine :-

Step 1 : Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (Refine & Renew)
This transparent gel-type Perfect Renew Skin Refiner is ideal for tired, fatigue skin in need of refreshment. It penetrates into skin as quickly as it purifies and tightens. Moisturized skin is provided with instant suppleness (with Hyaluronic acid and Oligosaccharides) as it synthesizes collagen and elastic fibers formation, which firms and tightens without drying. Skin’s soft like snow.

My Review
Totally refreshing! The product was easily absorbed into my skin and gives moisturizing effect. My skin texture felt so much softer and firmer in just a minute.

Step 2 : Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes
This eye protector provides innovative and dual eye care: one for day use and the other, for night. It stimulates blood circulation reducing dark-eye circles as well as revitalizes fatigue and dry eye areas with apparent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The day eye Perfect Renew Cream with SPF25/PA++ protects eye areas from UVA and UVB rays and also helps regain firmness, elasticity (with beta-glucan which stimulates collagen formation) and vitality. Gold Pearl powder brightens eye areas as it smoothens and softens.

Dual Touch Eyes night Gel though light, works overtime to provide hydration with anti-aging properties. An anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging protector, eye area is optimally moisturized, firmed (Chlorella eliminates excess water and waste to reduce puffiness) and looks youthful (thanks to toniskin, a yeast extract). Wake up to bright sparkling eyes.

My Review
It’s really a great idea of having a 2-in-1 eye cream. The plus point for this product was the SPF properties in the day cream to combat the UV rays and protects our eyes! This cream absorbs quickly when I patted on, without a shiny finish. It’s moisturizes well and I've noticed a positive effect on the dark rings under my eyes.

Step 3 : Perfect Renew Emulsion (Balance & Renew)
The milky light Perfect Renew Emulsion holds the key to intensive moiturization and firming. The Ceramide Repair Water lays a strong foundation for ultimate absorption and penetration of anti-aging ingredients. A coating film (Bio-Saccharide Gum) on the skin surface prevents the loss of moisture. Skin is hydrated at all times.

Continuous hydration promises skin resilience as it corrects the balance of skin cell protein. It even lightens and in all, improves discolored skin tone.

My Review
After applying, my skin just like having a protective film on my skin, thus giving me long-lasting hydration, more radiant, suppler and looks smoother every day.

Step 4 : Perfect Renew Essence (Treat & Renew)
Enriched with almond, pomegranate and cocoa extracts, this translucent gel Perfect Renew Essence is an amazing intensive anti-aging treatment. Dehydrated, saggy and fatigue skin is traded for skin which is more radiant, suppler, healthier and firmer. Complexion radiates with clarity as skin’s facial line is taken care off with lifting effect and texture polished, attributing to hydrated, vibrant-looking skin.

The most effective total care when time is of the essence.

My Review
The result was amazing! I could immediately feel my skin's more elastic, velvety soft and brighter after using this. Now, my skin tone was more even than it’s ever been and my wrinkles were noticeably smoother and less defined.

Step 5 : Perfect Renew Cream
Deep-moisturising and intensive-firming, this moisture-enhancing Perfect Renew Cream (enriched with Hyaluronic acid and sugar cane extracts) allows long-lasting hydration effect. Loose droopy skin is firmed and nourished all at an instance. Upon application, it reverses aged skin from premature aging symptoms as a rich, moisture sensation is experienced and absorbed effortlessly within.

With Laneige Perfect Renew Cream, aging skin is awakened and rewarded with creamy, snow-bright, youthful skin.

My Review
This cream was fantastic and it’s my favorite product for the moment. My face feels really brighter and radiant, and moisturized in the next morning. The best part is, my overall skin looks firmer and of cause, younger appearance. I just love this product because I really did want to have brighter skin, and it really works for me.

I am currently trying to match my image to LANEIGE's.
Do I fit the image of the 'LANEIGE Woman' - Pure and Translucent Beauty?

First of all, thanks LANEIGE for organizing such a great contest. This was a really good opportunity for me to try out the LANEIGE’s Perfect Renew range of products.

Generally, I love LANEIGE! Now, I don't even put on the make-up because my face looks so naturally healthy and glowing.

Well, I hope these reviews are useful. Keep in mind that these are just opinions and the products are judged according to how they worked out for me. So you might have better or worse results that I do. Everybody has different skin, and your mileage might vary. If you're interested in these products, please log in to or the nearest LANEIGE counter available. Have a good day :)


yes your face is glowingggggggggg

but ur skin already so good previously (ur profile photo). Enhancing now

hi jeoy, my skin now are more supple & radiant compare previously ^.^

Hi Juli,

Nice reviews you have got here.....can't wait to try my Perfect Renew Set which I purchased a few months ago. I am waiting for my allergic rash to subside completely.

You have beautiful skin.

Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your great comments here. Are you feeling better after using the Avene Thermal Spring Water? Hope you get well soon :)

Do try out the LANEIGR Perfect Renew Set ooo!

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