Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chef Rasa Sayang Sharksfin Restaurant 阿顺哥鱼翅酒家

阿顺哥鱼翅酒家 ~ 盘菜

Chef Rasa Sayang Sharksfin Restaurant has always been an icon for luxury and posh. It serves exquisite Chinese cuisine featuring their signature item like shark’s fin and abalone. This year, Chef Rasa Sayang Sharksfin Restaurant is running a Chinese New Year promotion featuring the above ~ “盘菜”

I was fortunate enough to have 2 times in a week for a wonderful evening family gathering dinner treated with a sumptuous Abalone dinner at home. The “盘菜” was cost RM388 nett & comes with the claypot. I think it was quite reasonable. It can serves up to 10 pax.



this is pun toi? or something in chinese right..? looks so good in ur pic....

OMG look at those abalone!

Miu... yes, this is “盘菜”, whereby all the seafood cook 2gether! Taste good too...

Joey... the abalone is a bit small actually :< Overall it looks great!

All the yummy abalones and seafood....makes me drooling.......

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