Monday, June 30, 2014

Review : KISS ME Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner

Hi! Here's another review of a new KISS ME Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner (01 Shiny Black). I’m having lots of fun experimenting with the product, and trust me, it helps to give you the illusion of an elongated, big, beautiful eyes and sparkling glitz for any occasion.

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner packaged in a very sleek and simple with a black tube and gold text prints. It comes with a high-quality brush that can be used to apply a variety of different style lines. Designed for both, thick and thin lines on the upper or lower lid of the eye.

The product color code and net weight can be found on a gold sticker on the bottom of the bottle.

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner available in 3 shades, I've got to try only one shade: 01 Shiny Black. Another two shades are called 02 Shiny Brown and 03 Shiny Pink WhiteBoth the shades 01 Shiny Black and 02 Shiny Brown gives high definition colors to accentuate your eyes for striking look. While with shade 03 Shiny Pink White, you can achieve an innocent and sweet looking eyes.

This ultra-thin brush is very easy to work with! You are able to create the most precise lines for your desired eye looks. It glides on smoothly and evenly for beautiful definition in just a single stroke, and there is no skipping and dragging.

KISS ME Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner is actually the first glitter eyeliner I've ever used! It contains enough glitter to be opaque in two layers and it stayed on my eyelids for the whole day without re-applying the eyeliner. It contains 3 kinds of shimmering powders to give a "jewel-like" glittering finish with attractive and sexy look.

This eyeliner is a perfect cosmetic for your bag if you need smudge proof eye makeup. It's resistant to tear, sweat, sebum and rubbing, so you have no worries about going to rain, when you cry or going to swim. But, simply because it is a 'film type' eyeliner, hence it can be easily removable with lukewarm water at the end of the day.

Direction for use 01 Shiny Black Eyeliner

Adjust the amount of liquid by rubbing the brush tip against the mouth of the container, and draw lines along the edge of the eyes.

1. Eyeliner with glamorous glitters
Draw lines along the edge of the eyes or just fill the gaps between the lashes. For lower eyelid, apply only the outer half or one third from the outer bottom corner.

2Thick lines that makes the eyes look bigger
Draw the line thicker at the center of the pupil (right above the pupil) to make the eye and pupil look bigger.

3. Draw thick lines for gorgeous eyes!
Draw thicker lines for glamorous and sparkling eyes that stands out.

Shooting WITH a flash

Shooting WITHOUT a flash

Overall I really loved the way Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner looked on my eyes. It is a great eyeliner which stays on the eyelids for a long time and it contains collagen, sodium hyaluronic, and chamomile extract for skin nourishment. This eyeliner is very easy to work with and I can create thin as well as thick lines with it.

Even though it's a glitter liner, but if I applied in a very thin line, it has just the right amount of sheen in it that perfect for every day wear.

It's definitely an inexpensive eyeliner. Would you give this a try? And now, I am tempted to try out the 03 Shiny Pink White which is pretty gorgeous too

Good news! Special promotion for the NEW Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner is happening! The retail price is RM49.90 and you can save 20% right now till 12 July 2014. Do visit a SASA store near you for the great offers on Kiss Me products! Don't miss out on it!

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Nice eh very precise... price also okay! Might consider trying this out!

Yah! Kiss Me is having promo now at RM39.90, I'm planning to buy the 03 Shiny Pink White..

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