Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review : Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is always on every girl wish list as it highlights our eye lashes. I personally don't really wear too much of makeup on a normal day, maybe with just an eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss will do.

The Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara comes in a simple black plastic tube with a straight brush. But the brush isn’t that great as it is too big for my lashes.  It does not leave a dramatic look in the first coat of application itself, thus I apply a couple coats to give me a little darker, slightly more defined and lengthened lashes, but unfortunately it ends up leaving my eyelashes clumped.

Before Application

After Application

So, I tend to apply only one coat of the mascara with just a natural look eyelash. My lashes looked completely average except for being darker. So far, it never flaked or smudged on me and it is waterproof that lasted me the whole day. However, I find it is so difficult to remove even with the eye makeup remover. I seem to lose a couple of eyelashes every time I removing it.

Naturally Abundant Looking Eyelashes

Generally, the mascara isn't that bad. It is inexpensive mascara for those who want natural looking lashes. You can always buy Rimmel London products at your nearest Watson’s, Guardian, Parkson & AEON Wellness for RM27.90.


Hi Ju Li, I reckon that you might want to let the remover set in for a bit (30seconds or so) then only wipe them away. Alternatively, I highly recommend you to try out the RIMMEL Mascara Remover which did me an AWESOME job for waterproof mascaras =)

Hi Manndee,
Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I did set it with L'oreal's Lip & Eye Make-up remover, but still..... Maybe I should give a try to RIMMEL Mascara Remover.

Love to be here. I want also to share my beauty tips which is all about eyelash growth. I know it help you to be more beautiful.

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