Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What’s New at Watsons?

Watsons Malaysia has always been my absolute favorite drugstore for the past couple of years. They always brings together many of the world’s top brands exclusively available at Watsons. For instance, the SimplySiti cosmetics range by Malaysian idol Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, AquaLabel by Shiseido, Nature & Co by Kose, DHC Olive Essentials, Japanese Skincare Sensations and the all-new Ichikami haircare range which is so hot right now.

Recently, the Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Kulvinder Birring was proud to announce that Charles Worthington hair care portfolio will be exclusively available at Watson's stores during the media launch at Celcius KL. Yay! It’s definitely a great news! Now I can make myself at home hair care that’s give me salon standard without spending too much money!

But if you are not sure what hair type you are, don’t just grab something off a shelf and think it will solve any problems you may be having with your locks. With Charles Worthington, you can use the Instant Personal Consultation for a prescription unique to your locks. A few simple steps on, and we’ll present you with the exact products you need to maintain that salon look at home. Long, short, coloured, fine or full – everyone’s entitled to incredible looking hair.

Looks! Here's my recommended products after a simple consultation:-
Remember! Take proper time and use the correct hair care products to make sure you will stand out in a crowd with that beautiful, shining head of hair.


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