Friday, October 15, 2010

Shins : Melt Yourself With Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt!!!

I am a big fan of salt scrubs & those shower gels with the exfoliating beads. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth, glowing & moisturised. I love to pamper myself whenever I get some little time and patience.

Here's a good new for Salt Scrubs lover! SHINS are inviting 3 bloggers to review Greenland Fruit Emotion Scrub Salt “Lime-Vanilla” worth RM55. It contains very fine 100% Atlantic sea salt + unforgettable smell, makes your skin soft & supple.

All products from the Fruit Emotion collection are a blend of two different essential oils. Each combination fo essential oils has its own particulary effect on the mind and body.

Register now!


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