Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Treat by Miu! (

It’s that time of the year! Zombies, witches, pumpkins, monsters, black cats and candy, yes, Halloween is coming. Trick or treat… Miu have a sweet treat for her followers of Plusizekitten, and it’s not a trick: Say HELLo to our H20 Beach Giveaway Set...

H20 Beach Giveaway Set worth rm99!
(Body Shower Gel, Lip Gloss, Make up Remover, Moisturizer, Cleanser)

I am getting so excited, as I’m sure all of you participants are!!! Now you have a chance to pamper your skin with H20+ invigorating luxuries for the face and body, overflowing with pure moisture and marine-rich nutrients.

How to Win
Leave a comment with your details (follower id, email) and complete this slogan "I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because .... (in not more than 20 words)".
e.g. Miu "I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because I am plus size too!"

Terms & Conditions
This contest is strictly for followers of Plusizekitten. To become a follower just sign up under the follower button via gmail or yahoo.
* Only 1 follower per entry.

Contest Period
22/10/09 - 31/10/09 (11:59pm)

* Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
* Judging will be done using a randomizer (Random selector).

Don’t miss the chance! It’s a special contest that you can take now and the H20 Beach Giveaway Set will come in handy for the coming Halloweens… how could anyone refuse that?

A big thanks to Miu!!!

juli1202 said...
I love to read Plusizekitten's Blog because it’s full of excitements and make my life more wonderful than ever!


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